Here in Utah, we have an ancient senator who seems to have forgotten who he works for: Orrin Hatch. He apparently believes he works for Donald J. Trump when he declares that this pathological liar is the “best president I’ve served under.”

A reminder to Mr. Hatch: You don’t serve the president – you sure didn’t “serve” the last one – you are supposed to be serving your nation and your constituents.

As Mr. Hatch also seems to have forgotten that he’s been fighting for a balanced budget for decades – and now offers a budget with such large deficits that he says, “We have no money for CHIP” – he literally is taking health care from children to pay for tax breaks for wealthy people and corporations, I wonder if he’s senile.

He also apparently forgot that he is a big fan of the procedures and tradition of our Congress when he shoved his “tax reform” down our throats without a single hearing, without any expert testimony, without even having time to read the bill – all the offenses they falsely claimed poisoned the ACA.

It’s long past time for Hatch to be put out to pasture … he just isn’t doing his job for us anymore.

The Senator-for-life simply doesn’t seem to share our values – let’s put someone in office that does.