[Photo courtesy of Joan Cannon]

The Grand County Middle School October Students of the Month with the character trait of being a responsible student and citizen are eighth-grader Jaden Nelson and seventh-grader Draven Shaw.

Jaden is the son of Chad and Lisa Nelson. His teachers said Jaden has demonstrated that he possesses the strong character trait of responsibility.

“He diligently works to turn in his assignments on time and to do the best with his abilities,” they said. “He can be counted on to do what is asked from his teachers, with a positive attitude. Jaden is also very willing to help others in their endeavors to be successful. Jaden is an outstanding leader and role model for others to follow at Grand County Middle School.”

Jaden said he is diabetic, but that does not stop him from loving to fish, ride dirt bikes, raise chickens or take care of two pet bluegill fish.

Jaden wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

His advice to other students is, “There will be obstacles, there will be doubters, there will be mistakes, but with hard work, there are no limits.”

Draven is the son of Corby and Aspen Shaw. His teachers said that Draven is an excellent example of a student who models the behavior of a good citizen.

“He cares about his work and the quality of it shows,” they said. “He models characteristics of what a strong student should look like.”

Draven gets along well with everyone, his teachers said, and he is positive and supportive in groups, asking good questions, and listening to other’s perspectives.

“Draven has an easy rapport with teachers and his fellow students exhibiting a harmonious relationship that represents a ‘good citizen,’” they said. “Students want to be part of Draven’s group in classes and during lunch because he is respectful of others, considerate and willing to put others first. We appreciate Draven’s steadfast, dependable attitude with those of us here at GCMS.”

Draven said he likes tackle football, baseball, basketball, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, mountain biking, ATVs and spending time with his family.

His advice to other students is, “Strive to be a good person.”