Dear Editor,

The candidate assembly for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District seat was held in Moab at Star Hall on Aug. 25. The organizers and volunteers for this event are very grateful to the citizens of Moab for your attendance. You listened patiently to the candidates, posed very good questions and were a dignified and courteous audience. The candidates report that they received a very good impression of our community and saw Moab “shine.” Thank you!

The assembly was long and informative, with a chance for the audience to compare and contrast various points of view. We believe that everyone who wished to ask a question got to do so. The candidates feel they had reasonable time to express their opinions and positions, as well as being able to give the closing remarks when they requested. Afterwards, a number of citizens and candidates stayed to talk together.

The next event will be a town hall meeting at the Grand Center at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017. David Hinkins, our state senator, and Carl Albrecht, one of our two state representatives, will attend. Christine Watkins, our other state representative, cannot attend due to a scheduling conflict required by her representation of her constituents.

In the news, we often hear that many politicians will not hold town halls with their constituents. The reality in Utah is said to be that Republicans do not need to hold town halls because they will win their elections anyway. To the contrary, our legislators, Mr. Hinkins and Mr. Albrecht, never hesitated to accept our invitation and Ms. Walker cannot come due to a conflict. We are fortunate that our representatives to our state government are willing to come and discuss issues with us.

Before the meeting, we will provide them with questions on a number of issues important to Moab and Grand County, asking for their prepared remarks. We appreciate the suggestions received from Zacharia Levine as to the issues currently faced or coming in the future for Grand County and Moab. The legislators’ comments will be followed by audience questions. Please attend this event and remember that these legislators are willing to participate and come here to help us understand more about the issues, present their opinions and points of view, and learn from us our wants and needs.

Thank you again for your fine participation in the candidates assembly and hopefully the forthcoming town hall meeting.