A man accused of firing a gun in front of Zax Restaurant last week – and then struggling with police over the loaded weapon – is scheduled to make his first appearance in 7th District Court on Tuesday, Aug. 15.

Patrick Duane Trujillo, 32, has been charged with two counts of second-degree felony aggravated assault against a peace officer. He also faces second-degree felony charges of carrying a concealed weapon in the commission of a violent felony, and “restricted person in possession of dangerous weapon,” as well as third-degree felony counts of the latter charge, and felony discharge of a firearm.

In addition, the Grand County Attorney’s Office has charged him with numerous misdemeanor offenses, including possession of a deadly weapon with intent to assault, threatening with or using a dangerous weapon in a fight or quarrel, threat of violence and disorderly conduct.

Authorities subdued Trujillo after he allegedly fired a single round from a gun as authorities responded to the scene on Tuesday, Aug. 1. According to a report from the Moab City Police Department, the responding officers placed their hands on the gun’s firing mechanism to prevent Trujillo from discharging it again.

The Moab City Police Department and the Grand County Sheriff’s Office first responded to the area after the police department received a call at about 10:15 p.m. that a man with a gun had fired at least one shot on Main Street. Witnesses indicated that a male who matched the description had since entered Club Rio on 100 West. Patrons at the Rio’s bar reported that Trujillo had been brandishing his weapon and was threatening people.

When officers approached him, Trujillo allegedly pulled the firearm from his waistband, and as officers subdued him, he fired a single round, according to the report. At that point, the officers placed their hands on the firing mechanism.

Prosecutors allege that Trujillo was in possession of a semiautomatic .40-caliber pistol, as well as a wooden club, a stun gun and a pocket knife with an open blade.

They say that after he fired his gun near Zax and moved on to the Rio, he got into a confrontation with a club patron and threatened to, “(Expletive) him up,” according to court records.

Trujillo, who is also known as Patrick Dusey, is also accused of impersonating an officer, based on allegations that he falsely claimed he was a law enforcement official.

He most recently worked as a dishwasher at Zax Restaurant, according to one of his Facebook pages, which list his current residences as Moab and Denver.

Under the law, he is presumed to be innocent unless or until a court formally convicts him of any charges.

Suspect accused of armed struggle with police faces numerous felony charges