Double Down Bike Shop co-owner Dustin Dickey. [Courtesy photo]

Dustin Dickey and Lance Canfield turned a bike ride into a business. Friends for years, the two businessmen and bike enthusiasts explored the idea of opening Double Down Bike Shop during a casual bike ride conversation.

Dickey, who owns Double Down Bike Shop with his wife Kathy Dickey, studied at Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado and was service manager at a local Moab bike shop for 10 years. Canfield, who co-developed the first Canfield Brothers bicycle, the Big Fat Fatty Fat (BF3), in 1999, was eager to break into the Moab marketplace.

Influenced by strong Utah roots, a passion for Moab-based mountain biking and a dedication to high performance bikes, Double Down Bike Shop was established. The shop opened on Memorial Day weekend, and according to Dickey, business has been good. They have a rental fleet of 35 bikes and rented every one during the opening weekend.

“Our shop is unique in that we only specialize in one brand of bicycle, Canfield Brothers,” he said. “We believe in their product. Lance has lived in Utah most of his life and has been riding in Moab for 20 years. After breaking most bikes on the market, Lance decided to start making his own bikes (which) could hold up to the rigorous terrain of Moab.”

Lance Canfield frequently spends extended periods of time in Moab, and he described it as his “hometown” – even though he’s never actually lived here.

“It’s some of my favorite riding and the perfect terrain for our bikes,” he said. “We’ve been talking about it for a long time, and I’m stoked to have Dusty and Double Down represent the brand here. It is an incredible opportunity for more people to experience why ‘riding is believing’ in one of the most iconic mountain bike destinations on the planet.”

Canfield Brothers is now based in Washington state. However, Lance Canfield’s idea for the BF3 emerged while he was driving home to Utah from a race in Big Bear, California.

According to the Canfield Brothers website, it was on that drive home that Canfield “knew he could build a better bike.”

Upon returning to Utah, “Lance and brother Chris enlisted the help of a local welder and by 1999 the original Canfield Brothers bike, the Big Fat Fatty Fat, was born. Built around Lance’s parallel link design inspired by the articulate performance of trophy truck suspension, the BF3 was a monster, featuring 12 inches of travel front and rear and a revolutionary rearward axle path that delivered uncompromising downhill performance and stability.”

Lance Canfield took his actualized designs to competition, competing in four Red Bull Rampages and “Chris chased World Cups around the globe – perhaps some of the most comprehensive and hands-on (research and development) imaginable.”

DDBS offers a variety of Canfield Brothers bicycles for rent or purchase, as well as parts and accessories and provides full service on all bikes. Additionally, the Porcupine Shuttle runs daily from the shop.

An official grand opening ribbon cutting at the new business is scheduled for Thursday, June 15, at 11 a.m.

New shop specializes in Canfield Brothers bikes

Our shop is unique in that we only specialize in one brand of bicycle, Canfield Brothers. We believe in their product.

Double Down Bike Shop is located at 255 Williams Way in Moab. For more information, go to: