Upon my recent success in court it was relayed to me that endless litigation via appeal may yet await me unless I publicly retract my statements and offer a sincere apology. So, in order to avoid such a fate I offer you, the public, my sincerest retractions and apology.

I sincerely apologize to the Moab citizens for waiting eight months to bring to light the connection between Ms. Davidson and Tayo Inc. I had hoped to effect a quiet resolution by working with City Council members. In hindsight I should have brought the issue to the public’s attention immediately. I sincerely apologize. It was entirely my mistake.

I’d also like to publicly retract my statements that bad policy was to blame for the scenario that played out. The blame can only be placed on those who ignored common ethics and a dedication to the public’s interest.

So, there you go Ms. Davidson, a public retraction and apology … from the heart.