Dear Editor,

Yo Mama ! … the musical, a vital contribution! … a marvelous one person play, written by Kaki Hunter, is circumspect, philosophical, and embracing a blend of “Mick Jagger magic” with the loving message of a hip Mother Teresa, has a voice trying “to do us good,” generously pouring out the best stuff of what it is to be human: empathetic and intelligent … The play contains a sterling truth about who we are and what our relationship to all of life, including our own lives, needs to be. This truth is modeled, demonstrated, acted out by the totally enjoyable character “Yo Mama,” a persona-energy who appears to the play’s author, Kaki, to “tell her a few things.” This play made me laugh and cry with happiness; that one person could blow us away with her talent, channeling another larger character. Such a tour de force, truly pure nourishment for the soul. Yes, Yo Mama, the play, “GOT SOUL!”

“Yo Mama – Un-Canned” is a one-woman show by Moab resident resident Kaki Hunter, who performed at Star Hall in late January and early February.