Dear Editor,

Utahns who vote by mail are receiving their ballots now, which means it’s time to get serious about all those other names on the ballot. One that deserves our attention is that of Bill Barron, a single issue, independent candidate focusing on climate change. Every vote Bill gets sends a message to Washington that Utahns want leaders who will create an effective response to climate change. As of September 8th, Bill polled at 5 percent of the vote, and he has since traveled the state by bicycle, working to raise that figure to 10 percent, because 10 percent of the vote has historically been the number needed to bring attention to an issue. With Mike Lee given a 99 percent chance of winning this election, after a poll by FiveThirtyEight, Bill is not going to win. But he is our chance to send a strong message about climate change to our leaders and inspire them to action. If you care about how climate change is already affecting our world and its future, Bill Barron deserves your vote.