[Photo by Gary Randall / Courtesy of Tara Wilder]

Local residents gathered at the 2nd Annual Southeastern Utah Celebration of Community on Saturday, Sept. 17, at the Center Street ball fields.

Back row, from left to right: Lanette Denton, Samantha Easthope, Aimee Hutchinson, Sheila Bennet, Hope Garfield and Dona Roda Ramirez; middle row, left to right: Marla Greenhalgh, Wendy Skutt, Rainbow Carden, Tara Wilder, Molly McGann and Teresa Wyatt; front row, left to right: Tami Woodruff, Kenady Stocks and Amelia Van Sickle.

Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness and Four Corners Community Behavioral Health sponsored the event to honor those lost to addiction and suicide, and to blow out the stigma surrounding the issues.