Students from Grand County High School's Class of 2016 joined Sam Sturman of Utah State University-Moab during the senior awards night last spring. Colton Hawks, left, is pictured with Lily Hazlett, Tressa Renn, Sturman, Lindsey Meadows, Sadie Brown and Madison Johnson. [Courtesy photo]

Utah State University-Moab and its donors are giving local high school graduates the opportunity to work toward a college degree or certificate – and stay in the area.

Sam Sturman of USU-Moab’s Education Center is anticipating that 10 to 12 graduates from Grand County High School’s Class of 2016 will attend fall semester classes at USU-Moab.

During the senior awards night last spring at Grand County High School – and thanks to the generosity of local donors – the university awarded six high school seniors scholarships and waivers to attend USU-Moab.

“We will make history again by having so many high school graduates start at USU-Moab,” Sturman said. “This is only the second year USU-Moab has been able to have scholarships available for high school seniors in our 50-plus years of operations in Moab. Local scholarships are helping local students chose USU-Moab to start, continue or complete college degrees in Moab.”

If you are interested in joining the university’s donors and supporting USU-Moab by creating a local scholarship, contact Sam Sturman at 435-259-7432 or 435-797-5103, or email