Dear Editor,

I have listened to many explanations. I have attended meetings. I have spoken to several council people regarding the answers, responses and excuses given for the actions surrounding Moab City Recorder Rachel Stenta and Moab City Manager Rebecca Davidson and the lack of transparency.

The answers don’t pass the smell test. Furthermore, I can’t tell if the council members believe the answers or don’t really want to know if they are true?

The attorney mentioned, who also just lost a winnable city court battle, should have advised when asked about emergency spending /conflict issues: “If you have to ask the question … the best thing to do is advise the mayor and council.” That is a basic government/ management practice if not a courtesy. If that had been done, the issues may never have been raised. Both top-paid, “highly praised,” very experienced employees should know that – if not by experience, then by instinct.

If it is not policy now, the council members should require that they and the mayor be notified in advance of all emergency spending or hiring. In short, institute more oversight and less CYA audits.

Where there is smoke, there is fire!