Dear Editor,

Greetings from over the western mountains.

To Moab residents, I urge the county to approve the UTV permit. If you start to restrict the access of RVs to areas where they have been allowed historically and are allowed for other modes of transportation, then Moab will slowly die on the vine (“Urge county to reject UTV event permit,” May 26 – June 1, 2016, Moab Sun News). As tourism seems to be about the only economy that exists in Moab, it wouldn’t be a good idea to shoot yourself in the foot.

But … enter the rant …

I suppose you could put a gate at both ends of the area and only allow those in that have a muffler less than 85 decibels, who swear a loyalty oath to the Democrats and sign an environmental, no-impact, liability contract with the environmental factions that seem to have invaded and conquered this small rural town in Utah.

Then, knowing that the environmental Zen/Chi won’t be harmed, you could all watch Moab die, together with your Utopian commune in harmony with nature. After all, humans aren’t really native to the planet anyway, right?

… End of rant …

The traffic problem is quickly and simply solved by enforcing the public nuisance and traffic laws already on the books. Give the city more revenue with the tickets our dedicated police officers will write the offenders and help Moab improve and maintain the bike/ walking paths. So when the morons in the UTVs go home, we can all enjoy the quiet of the streets and the pathway by the crick in peace. (Yes, it’s crick.)

Not living in Moab, someday maybe again.