[Courtesy photo]

Grand County Middle School’s Seventh Grade Student of the Month for April is Landon O’Donnal. Landon is the son of Shawn and Amber O’Donnal.

“Landon is funny, sweet and kind to everyone,” one of his teachers said. “He is well-liked by both teachers and students.”

Landon is a member of the Lego Robotics Guild. He loves to go on road trips, hang out with friends and his family, and work with his grandpa. Landon also enjoys hover-boarding and camping. He said his favorite subject is science.

Landon’s advice to others is, “Just try your best!”

Grand County Middle School’s Eighth Grade Student of the Month is Evan Ellison. Evan is the son of Barry Ellison and Rachel and Dan Stenta.

“Evan goes above and beyond the mark in all that he does,” one of his teachers said. “He always wants to learn more and he pushes himself in everything he does.”

Evan enjoys running, reading, playing tennis and hiking. He plays the cello, and enjoys doing projects with his hands. Evan said his favorite subjects are history and math. His favorite books are about history, while visiting battlefields and museums are some activities he also enjoys. Evan also likes to spend time in the deserts and mountains of the West.

Evan’s advice to others is, “Even on a bad day, try your hardest in everything you do, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.”