Karisa Hoover, left, and Cie Hoover of You Knew Me When. [Courtesy photo]

Cie and Karisa Hoover of the indie folk-rock duo You Knew Me When took some time to recharge recently by soaking in hot springs outside Carbondale, Colorado, after performing a couple of shows in nearby Aspen.

The couple deserved the break, considering that they’ve been touring practically nonstop for the past three-and-a-half years, with performances all over the country, and some venues in Canada. In 2015 alone, the husband-and-wife duo played 202 shows.

On Friday, March 18, You Knew Me When will return to Moab for a performance at The Blu Pig, 811 S. Main St. There’s no cover charge for the show, which is set to begin at 7 p.m.

Although it’s just the two of them, You Knew Me When is known for its full-band sound because of the variety of instruments that the Hoovers perform.

Cie Hoover sings and plays guitar, and foot percussion – with kick and snare drums, and a tambourine. Karisa Hoover sings, plays piano, ukulele, percussion and glockenspiel – an instrument similar to a xylophone, only smaller with a metallic sound. She also adds to the percussion with high hats and a couple of cymbals.

The Hoovers write their own songs and have recorded two studio albums, including last year’s “We Found Roads.” They recently released a new four-song EP that includes one studio song, and three unreleased live tracks.

“We write it all, and we record in Nashville,” Cie Hoover said. “Songs are inspired by our travels, the places we see and the people we meet. And, of course, there’s the quintessential song about whiskey, and a song about beer.”

During a show, fans might hear an occasional cover tune, like the song “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson, or “Glycerine” from the British band Bush. They also enjoy performing the Buffalo Springfield song “For What it’s Worth.”

“Every song we cover we put our own spin on it,” Cie Hoover said.

Cie and Karisa met in Nashville, where she was a public school music teacher and he spent several years as the Global Events Manager for Gibson Guitar. They decided to buy an RV van and take to the road.

“We gave up our full-time jobs to follow our passion,” he said. “We took a leap of faith. It’s been a wonderful ride. We’ve played in 43 states thus far.”

Two weeks ago, they were performing in Carbondale at their 110th craft brewery show. They play in a variety of small venues and have performed in a couple of folk festivals.

The Hoovers return to Nashville for a couple of weeks out of the year.

“(But) playing live is how we make our living,” he said.

The Blu Pig co-owner Jake Tanner invites the duo back to Moab about twice a year.

“They’re definitely great together,” Tanner said. “We have loved having them here.”

You Knew Me When returns to The Blu Pig on March 18

“(Our) songs are inspired by our travels, the places we see and the people we meet. And, of course, there’s the quintessential song about whiskey, and a song about beer.”

When: Friday, March 18, 7 p.m.

Where: The Blu Pig, 811 S. Main St.

Information: www.blupigbbq.com

The Blu Pig offers free live music seven days a week through May; go to www.blupigbbq.com for more information. To learn more about the band, visit: www.youknewmewhen.com, or go to facebook.com/youknewmewhen.