James Purcell

“What’s the difference between a refugee child and a fetus? Yeah, if we can help people and have the capacity to help people, then we should totally do it.”

Steven Adams, Moab

“We have many veterans that are living without food, homes, water and shelter who have supported this country with a portion of their life and their mentality, so in my opinion we should start taking care of the people inside the United States before we start bringing in other people.”

Bill Snyder, Moab

“Well, why are many of the immigrants coming in here with no women or children? I feel that if they can prove that they have no background and have good intentions then they can come in, as long as they don’t get a ‘free pass’ on living here. That’s how I feel on that.”

James Purcell, Moab

“Should Utah Governor Gary Herbert allow some Syrian refugees who are fleeing violence in their homeland to live in Utah?”