Dear Editor,

I want to address the citizens of Moab and to alert them that the time is ‘nigh and that we must do our civic duty.

We, the citizens of Moab, are on a runaway train. We are all aboard, but it is speeding ahead in ways that we may not choose. It is time that we take control and determine our future with responsibility. We need to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

We’ve never had so much money come into our community, yet our infrastructure is shot. We have aging pipes, roads and a sewer treatment center that need to be replaced. Instead, our city budget is bloated with personnel costs, with well-paid positions being given to those from outside our community. We have a top-down management style that does not address the needs of our community – such as low-income housing and a diverse economy. Instead, there is more attention to limitations on those who want to solve problems, or honestly earn a living.

We need people to take financial responsibility of our city. We need people who are not influenced by voices from outside our city. We need people who will take a stand for the best interest of our city and families. We have candidates who have decades of experience – here in Moab.

It is disappointing to see that there are so many in our community who are not embracing their opportunity to vote. Less than 50 percent of registered voters voted in the primary this August.

We have an opportunity to express our views, our concerns and determine the direction of our city.

I ask the people who have set their roots in this town to take a stand. It doesn’t matter whether you arrived in Moab generations ago, or decades ago, or only a few years ago. But, for those who have decided this is their home, and who intend to set their roots, raise their children here and hope to have their grandchildren live here as well – please consider this election as one that can potentially affect your family for generations to come.

You may be performing your civic duty and will vote on Tuesday. But, for each of you who choose to vote – you have friends and family who don’t vote, or who have not taken the time to register to vote. Please, even if you do vote, take the extra step to remind your loved ones to take the time and do their duty. Awake your family and friends to the necessity of voting. Even if you can influence only one, or five voters, you are making sure that the voices of Moab are being heard.

Make sure that on Tuesday, Nov. 3, you go to the polls. Do whatever you have to do: set a reminder in your phone, put a note on your door, tie a ribbon around your tree – just make sure you remember to vote. And remind your friends and family to vote as well!

God bless America and Moab, too!