[Photo courtesy of Sara Hinck]

BEACON Charter School Student of the Month

BEACON’s Moab Charter School Student of the Month is Theo Lawson.

Theo is a sixth grader in Bettina O’s class. His parents are Anne Wilson and Peter Lawson.

Theo was nominated by Moab Charter School’s Site Coordinator Kari Han, who said, “Theo comes to lego club ready to build! He always helps if other kids need it, and really has an eye for construction and color. His clean-up time for those tiny legos is stellar as well! Thanks for being an awesome addition to Lego club, Theo!”

Theo said he likes the BEACON Lego club because he gets to build and create things from his imagination.

“In some of the activities, I get to work with the other kids and I like that,” he said.

BEACON staff members congratulated Theo for being the first BEACON Moab Charter School student of the month.

“We are so proud of you,” they said.

BEACON GCMS Student of the Month

BEACON’s Grand County Middle School Student of the Month is Seth Valasquez.

Seth is a seventh grader, and BEACON staff members said his parents Ernestine and John should be proud of the amazing progress he has made.

After getting off to a tough start this year, Seth’s commitment to his school work has been impressive, they said. He has gone from a handful of Fs to nothing lower than a C-plus.

“Congratulations, Seth,” they said. “Your kind and caring attitude, the respect you show staff and students, and the work you put in sets a great example for other students.”