Dear Editor,

I was pleasantly surprised to see the information contained in the Moab Sun News about each of the candidates for Moab City Council (“The 2015 Moab City Council Candidates,” Oct. 15-21, 2015 Moab Sun News). It was obvious that they all care about our community and I applaud them for putting themselves out there for the greater benefit.

I will say, however, that I was alarmed by one thing I read: Don Cook suggests throwing all of us on 500 West under the bus by suggesting that heavy- and through-traffic bypass town through our neighborhood.

When I bought my house on 500 West over a decade ago, I was assured by both the city and the county that it was not a designated trucking route. There was only recently a big hubbub about heavy truck traffic from frequent water trucks that Mayor Dave mediated into a reasonable solution: keep the number of big trucks down on this residential road.

I do agree that we have a traffic problem here, but I don’t think it would be right to jeopardize the safety and peace of our neighborhood and homes without seriously thinking about some alternative solutions.