Moab native Randi Fosse, pictured here with her son Julian Draco Fosse, is about to celebrate the impending publication of her fourth book, “Almost Wonderful,” which she wrote under the pen name Adrienne Davenport. [Courtesy photo]

When Randi Fosse was asked to write a story in sixth grade, she wrote 10 pages to her fellow classmates’ one or two.

The Moab native said she has known she was destined to be a writer and has used the pen name Adrienne Davenport ever since. In fact, based on her interest and abilities back then, even Fosse’s first-grade teacher told her parents that she should be a writer someday.

Her fourth published book, “Almost Wonderful,” will come out on July 1. Fosse describes it as an historical romance set in the 1800s, about an English country girl and her arranged marriage to a Duke – a marriage neither is interested in. However, the husband and wife eventually grow fond of each other after they stumble upon a mystery that needs solving.

“They have to start talking to each other, cooperating,” Fosse said.

Fosse previously published two full-length novels and one novella – all of which fall under the genre of historical or modern romance. Two of her favorite romance writers are Nora Roberts, and Judith McNaught, author of “Whitney, My Love” – the book that got her started with the genre, Fosse said.

Fosse’s books are available online though Eternal Press’ website at, or through and Barnes and Noble Booksellers. Fosse said she’s enjoyed working with a smaller publisher at Eternal Press, but after this next book she plans to hire an agent and shop for a larger publisher that will help with marketing.

“A lot of publishers want a background,” Fosse said. “I wanted enough behind me to have something to present,” to a publisher.

When her new book is released in July, Fosse said she hopes to hold an author event at one of the local booksellers. She’s also marketed her books on a “blog tour” along with other romance novelists who help promote one another.

Moab resident Nicole Partridge has read a couple of Fosse’s novels and is looking forward to reading her new book, she said.

“There’s a good storyline that keeps you wanting to keep reading more,” Partridge said. “It was entertaining.”

Fosse’s aunt, Brenda Barker, of Minnesota, is also a fan of Fosse’s work.

“She’s an excellent writer,” Barker said. “I am truly amazed at what she has accomplished at age 27.”

Fosse does a lot of her writing while her 7-year-old son is at school. She drops him off at school, returns home, pours herself a cup of coffee and gets to work. She said she is constantly writing, or thinking of ideas, character names, or what would make a particular section better.

“The one challenge that has been difficult as a single mom now, is to try and balance my time with my son and editing and meeting deadlines,” she said.

Fosse said she enjoys the research into historical time periods, and locations where she’s never been, most of which she does from home via the Internet, and various books that she owns. She keeps a notebook nearby most of the time so she can jot down ideas that come to her at random moments.

Randi Fosse to release her fourth book in July

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