[Photo courtesy of Spanish Valley Mortuary]

Gerald “Jode” Vernon White, 82, returned to his Heavenly Father after a long struggle with cancer. He died in the arms of his beloved wife of 37 years, Wanda.

Jode was born November 13, 1933, to George and Essie White in Moab, Utah. He was a fourth generation Moabite and spent his early years on the White Ranch. Other than the years he honorably served in the United States Army, Jode spent all of his life in the Moab area.

Everyone who knew Jode has a story about his sharp wit, friendliness, and knowledge of the local geography. Jode spent his life fishing, hunting, and camping. He loved collecting, cutting, and polishing rocks. Jode had great pride in his yard and had a large, beautiful garden with local plants, fruit trees and vegetables. He motor-biked all around the area with his cousin and dear friend, Brig Larsen, into his late seventies. He loved his dogs as part of his family.

For the last years of his life, Jode fought to keep Matrimony Springs open and accessible for all. He believed that his children and grandchildren should be able to enjoy water from the spring just as past generations had. Jode will be missed by all who loved and knew him.

Jode was preceded in death by his mother, father, his older brother Bill and his younger brother Tommy, and he is survived by his brother Stan. Jode was also survived by four children, Mitch, Lance, Jodi Lynn and Bill, and his grandchildren Breanna, Brynlee, Brooklyn (Mitch and Robyn), Maddox and Oliver (Lance and Paige).

A graveside service was held on May 4, 2015, at the Grand Valley Cemetery.

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