Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, Oct. 21, the Grand County Council voted to join the Seven County Coalition.

But something much more distressing than this particular decision took place.

As an American who believes in our democracy, I am truly shocked that the council blatantly and purposefully ignored the will of the people who elected them.

Here are the simple, inarguable facts of the situation.

1)      The citizens of Grand County have again and again expressed their concern over the coalition’s true agenda. At the informational panel many rose — often with the coalition’s contract in their hands — to ask thoughtful, concerned questions about it, many of which were not resolved.

2)      During the open period of comment to the council, they received over 200 letters, 90 percent of which requested they vote no on the coalition. They read them. And ignored them.

3)      Grand County’s own attorney recommended we not join the coalition.

4)      At the Tuesday meeting, an overflow crowd of people overwhelmingly (with the exception of three commenters) pleaded with the council to do one of four things:

1)      To abstain from joining the coalition.

2)      To wait to make the decision until the newly elected council members could be a part it.

3)      To have a referendum so that all citizens, whatever their opinion, might vote on the matter.

4)      And lastly ― if the council was determined to join the coalition, to do so only after amendments that would protect the interests of Grand County had been agreed to by the other six counties.

None of the above was even given serious consideration with the exception of Elizabeth Tubbs, who thought a referendum should be held.

The county council members couldn’t have demonstrated more perfectly that the people who elected them don’t count — they’ll decide what’s best for us.

If you are among those who agree with the decision they made, I say respectfully, please think twice about what just took place — next time they may disregard your voice and deny your right to vote.

To everyone I say, Please vote these people who have rendered your voice and vote mute out!!

Vote them out — for this election — and finish the job in the next election!