When choosing to vote for someone to represent me in government, I look at how big a tent he or she sets up to welcome into it the diverse strands that make up a community. Judging from her ads and online fundraising site, I worry that Kim Call’s tent is a little too exclusive to welcome many of us. There’s no place in it for the GLBT community, particularly those wanting and hoping to marry. She seems judgmental of children whose lunches come from the National School Lunch Program, and of those our community works to place in affordable housing. She also disparages enhancements for our biking community, and takes a swipe at politicians by saying she is a “zero year politician.” She certainly despises conservationists, accusing them of pushing their agendas through “regional governance,” which sounds more like the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition that might actually be foisted on Grand County.

Taking all these exclusions into consideration, my fear is that Mrs. Call’s tent is really only big enough for the silent cardboard cutouts that she brags so much about. I urge Grand County voters to choose someone more comfortable with diverse populations to represent them on the County Council.