Red Rock 4-Wheelers land use officer David Adams drives his heavily modified Jeep CJ 7 through the Golden Crack on the Golden Spike trail during the 2014 Easter Jeep Safari. The Jeep started out as an '84, but there's little left from the original factory configuration. RR4W expects about 140 participants for this year's Labor Day Safari, a smaller, more intimate event than Jeep Safari, which includes camping and entertainment. [Photo courtesy of David Adams]

About 140 participants are expected to descend upon Moab for the Labor Day Safari, an off-road event hosted by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers (RR4W), the group also in charge of Easter Jeep Safari.

RR4W vice president Doug McElhaney said the Labor Day Safari is similar to Easter Jeep Safari, but offers fewer trails per day, while offering an array of family-friendly activities, such as camping, staging and entertainment.

“The Labor Day event is a more intimate event,” he said. “(It has) a smaller number of trails and participants. Also, we offer the opportunity to camp together with one fee for the entire event. They are very different, but both very fun.”

Moab Rim Campark, 1900 S. Highway 191, is the event headquarters. Included in the $150 entry fee is a reserved tent camping area or RV parking with no hook-ups, with campsites available from Friday afternoon, Aug. 29 through Monday afternoon, Sept. 1. Full-hookup RV sites and cabins and the campground are available for a discounted price to Safari participants. The fee also covers breakfast and dinner on Saturday, Aug. 30, as well as “the chance to rub shoulders with other Jeepers, hang out in a family friendly environment, and share stories.” McElhaney said there will also be a prize drawing at the event.

The schedule for Labor Day Safari has been developed with family fun, scenery and short trail days in mind, according to RR4W. Each day has a moderate, medium and a challenging (but not necessarily vehicle damaging) trail schedule. Saturday’s trails include: Behind The Rocks Tip-Toe, Chicken Corners, Hell’s Revenge, Jax Trax, La Sal Pass and Polar Mesa. Sunday’s trails include: Cameo Cliffs, Day Canyon Point, Elephant Hill, Poison Spider Mesa and Steel Bender. Mondays trails are Copper Ridge, Fins and Things and the Moab Rim.

For 2014, RR4W is also offering two new four-wheeling opportunities. The first of which is the Polar Mesa trail, which is located in the La Sal Mountains east of Moab, which will offer a “new back country experience,” according to RR4W. Second, RR4W is offering a “first timers” package that will keep a group of the same participants together for two days.

Registration for the event is available online at

Red Rock 4-Wheelers to host Labor Day Safari

“The Labor Day Event is a more intimate event. (It has) a smaller number of trails and participants.”

When: Saturday, Aug. 30 – Monday, Sept. 1

Where: Moab Rim Campark, 1900 S. Hwy 191

Cost: $150, covers basic campsite and breakfast and dinner on Saturday, Aug. 30