It has come to our attention that the Grand County Cemetery Board has decided to suspend maintenance to the Veterans “Circle of Honor” at the Sunset Memorial Cemetery. This Circle of Honor is a landmark and a tribute to veterans and their families here in Grand County.

It is atrocious that the cemetery board would make this decision without any input from either the American Legion or the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United State of America. If the cemetery board had met with the local Veterans Organizations I’m sure that a solution to the problem could have been worked out to the satisfaction of both the board and the veterans, and allowed the Circle to be ready for the community to enjoy this Memorial Day.

As a veteran and a citizen of Grand County, I am astonished that the cemetery board would dishonor the more that 800 veterans and their families this way. The “Circle of Honor” is a tribute to those from Grand County who have served this county and have preserved the freedoms that all enjoy.

Russell Pogue