Dear Editor,

I attended the Public Lands meeting with our Congressional representatives last Friday, and while they purported to be there to “listen” to Grand County residents, Representative Chaffetz did more talking than listening. Although three quarters of the large audience present were pro-protection, Representative Chaffetz and Bishop challenged every pro-protection speaker and applauded and expanded upon the points made by every pro-extraction speaker even when the points made were misleading or factually incorrect.

There were a host of misrepresentations made, but one I would like to address is the notion that the extraction industry was and is responsible for the hospital and trails. I think all the “newcomers” who have donated so much money and time to not only the hospital but to all the non profits in town would find the first notion insulting.

Trail Mix and MTA volunteers and donors would also be insulted. In our rush to defend our ground let’s acknowledge what has been contributed by so many. Also let’s look for all the common ground we do share; we all want living wages, non-toxic air/water/soil, good schools, and enjoyment of our gorgeous landscape.

It’s a good starting point and we can move forward together to address issues that have arisen due to multiple use and over use; sand storms, loss of soil crust, water rationing, toxic tailings, earthquakes, aquifer diminishment, and pollution of our resources.

Darcey Brown, Moab