To the editor,

The idea for a national monument (Collaborative decision making or not? June 26) in the Greater Canyonlands region is one based not only on the spectacular but unprotected landscape, but also on the passion of the local community. There is a clear desire on behalf of business owners, the outdoor industry, recreationalists, and others to protect this special place for diverse enjoyment.

We continue to be open to conversations about how to best safeguard this region– including Congressman Bishop’s lands initiative, a process that I discussed with him just last week. As I said then, we are committed to all potential avenues of protection, and while the method is not yet clear, I remain confident that this area will be protected. The campaign for a national monument remains one of our priorities and the flexibility it offers in terms of public participation is terrific. I was truly inspired by the people I met in Utah working to protect the Greater Canyonlands area, and I stand behind my continued optimism that we will collectively be successful.


Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director