Law enforcement officers walked the Grand County Middle and High School campuses on Friday, Dec. 21 after receiving information regarding a rumor of a possible gun being brought to school.

By 9 a.m., Friday officers determined that the rumor was unfounded. A message was sent to parents from the school about the rumor. The Moab City Police and Grand County Sheriff’s Office followed up with an investigation and found no evidence of a threat.

There were similar situations across the state.

In Hyrum classes were cancelled Friday at Mountain Crest High School after a student said she overheard talk of guns and suicide.

Principal Bob Henke says he and several deputies were at school late into the night Thursday interviewing the student. He says they decided to play it safe and informed parents through a robo-call that there would be no school Friday.

Henke says a girl overheard students talking about another student planning to bring a gun to school and kill himself. She reported the discussion to her father and school officials got involved.

The student couldn’t identify the people who were talking about the supposed threat.

Officials say the school has been on heightened alert in light of school shootings in Connecticut and buzz about the Mayan Apocalypse.

Authorities said five high school students in Syracuse were suspended following a bomb hoax, and two junior high students in Roosevelt were arrested after allegedly threatening to bring a gun to school and “doing what they did in Connecticut.”

On Friday, school officials in Hyrum cancelled classes at Mountain Crest High School after a student said she overheard talk of guns and suicide.

Officials say five Syracuse High students were suspended and referred to juvenile court after one of them brought an old video game system to school and claimed it was a bomb. The other four students were accused of being involved in the hoax.