The Grand County High School swim team traveled to Richfield on Nov. 29 with 18 swimmers.

The relay teams had a strong showing in the first event, with both boys and girls teams taking third in 200-yard medley relay. The boys relay team consisted of freshman Drake Hackney, sophomore Duncan Reidhead, junior Jackson Knowles, and senior Elijah Sheet.

The girls relay team consisted of senior Gaby Meyer, junior Sierra Indergard, sophomore Robin Willscheidt, and freshman Kayla Weston. The girls relay team later won third in the 400-yard freestyle, with the boys took second in this same race.

The next event was the 200-yard freestyle. Kayla Weston finished with a time of 3:25 giving her fifth place. Duncan Reidhead took third, River Murdock took fourth, and Elijah Sheets took fifth with a time of 2:51.

Next was the 200-yard IM with Willscheidt taking fourth place in the girls, and Hackney taking fourth in the boys. In the 50 yard freestyle the team had most amount of competitors.

The girls were up first with Brianna Ballard taking fourth with a time of 36:60, Meyer taking eighth, Sarah Quigley swimming for ninth, and Katie Winget for eleventh.

In the boys 50-yard freestyle, Knowles swam strong for second with a time of 27:02; Reidhead took third, James Martin sixth, River Murdock eighth, Treyton Helquist took eleventh and Kris Kemp took twelfth out of 14 swimmers.

Fifteen girls competed in the 100-yard freestyle swim. Weston took fifth and Meyer took ninth. In the boys competition, Martin took tenth in the 100-yard freestyle, while Wiley Sheldon took eleventh, and Kemp with thirteenth place.

The next event was the most difficult of the events: the 500-yard freestyle. Indergard was the competitor for the girls taking third with a time of 8:09, and Jackson Knowles took second for the boys with a time of 6:56.

The next event was the 100-meter backstroke. There were seven girls in this event with Quigley taking fifth, Beilee Pilibosian with sixth, and Winget with seventh place. Then the boys went up with Hackney swimming for fifth and Sheldon for seventh. As the meet neared the end, 100-yard breast stroke was up next. The 100-yard breaststroke was Willscheidt’s strongest event; she took second with a time of 1:26. Ballard took fifth.

The boys were up next with Sheets taking third, and Helquist taking fifth.