Eric Odenthal one of the Photo APPature exhibitors described his work to Lee Sheets, another exhibitor at the show, about the smart phone applications he used in his photographs. [Photo by Sallie Hodges/ Moab Sun News]

Seven photographers are sharing their work at Love Muffin Café this month.

This is not your average photo display.

Each photograph was taken with an iPhone, then artfully manipulated with iPhone applications.

Photo APPature Exhibition held an artists’ reception on Friday, Nov. 16. The collections will remain on display through Christmas.

“IPhoneography is a new artform that has already garnered exhibition in New York and Los Angeles,” said photographer Sallie Hodges. “It inspired a five-week course that is the first of its kind at the Kensington and Chelsea College in London.”

Lee Sheets, Eric Odenthal, Whit Richardson, Sallie Hodges, Wes Shannon, Holli Zollinger and Kris Kelley show a variety of style in this exhibition.

There were numerous applications used by the artists. Hodges said that she sometimes runs a photograph through multiple applications.

The only iPhone application that was discouraged was Instagram. Other than that, the parameters were wide open, allowing the artists to do whatever they wanted.

“iPhoneography has moved on from being simple point-and-shoot photography to both a sophisticated art form and an engaging hobby for millions,” Hodges said. “The iPhone camera has unleashed a new level of creativity that anyone can share and we are excited to present work in a traditional photography format.”

Hodges said that when she was studying at college twenty years ago, she didn’t have access to the different photography processes, due to the expense.

“Now in the digital age, you have everything at your fingertips. It’s like having an entire lab in your phone,” Hodges said.

Hodges said the greatest thing about iPHoneography is that creativity is accessible to anyone with a smart phone.

“We look forward to encouraging more artists in future shows,” she said.