Dear Editor,

Moab/Monticello BLM is slated to sell over 51,000 acres of land to the oil and gas industry in February 2013. We need to stop this before it is too late and the damage already done. I ask the citizens of Moab and all who love it to send in your comments to the BLM. Oct. 19 is the end of this comment period.

I live rurally and would appreciate it if the BLM would not turn this rural area where people live into an industrialized zone. This region has a large organic farm, along with a good amount of private properties and homes. We would all be dramatically affected by this oil and gas development.

Please do not allow this parcel to be drilled on and our water sheds threatened. Please do the right thing for the people who live here and pull parcels that will adversely affect the watersheds and air.

The numerous parcels around the towns of La Sal and Monticello have the same problem. They are close to the towns and can contaminate water supplies and air. Ultimately I want all parcels for this lease sale to be pulled and a moratorium placed on all future sales until we know for sure what the effects of natural gas drilling are. Please stop this lease sale. Please pull 042 as it will so negatively affect not only my life but numerous others and may adversely affect the economy as it will be seen from the Moab valley, Arches National Park, Canyonlands and beyond. The effects on wildlife will be enormous. It is too much of a risk.

Thank you

Kiley Miller