Dear Editor,

Thanks to the incredible support of this community, this past weekend we presented the Thelma & Louise Half Marathon, which was held on Hwy. 313 and at Bar-M Chuckwagon. Gorgeous weather, a stunning course and enthusiastic volunteers and participants made for a successful inaugural event.

We want to ensure the public is aware that the events held on Hwy. 128, the Loop Road, the Millcreek Parkway and Swanny City Park on Saturday, May 12, were not organized by Moab Half Marathon, Inc.

As longtime residents of Moab, my staff and I take special care to maximize our events’ positive impact on this community. We understand that special events can be an inconvenience, and we appreciate the support given to us for our races every year.


Ranna Bieschke,

Moab Half Marathon, Inc.