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20 Questions with Bernie Radcliffe

Bernie Radcliffe – As reported to Meredith Mirrington Bernie Radcliffe came to Moab on vacation in 1957 and, seven years later, found himself doing river tours calling Moab home. Since then, he has discovered a love for hiking (especially in October) gardening (for his love of hot sauce) and watching his two favorite movies “Schindler’s […]

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Women’s Congress to meet in Moab

The Women’s Congress for Future Generations conference will convene in Moab from Sept. 27 to 30. Leaders, artists, and activists from the frontlines of environmental conservation, climate justice, science, public health, and academia will convene to spur a new civil rights movement for future generations. Organizers believe that environmental degradation and toxic contamination are some […]

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Scott Ibex returns to perform at the MARC

Scott Ibex began his “Dragonbreath” nation-wide tour at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center last February. This week he returns to share his unique blend of solo-acoustic tapping music that is layered over free-flowing melodies from his new album “Gratitude”. The solo-act expanded to include Moab musicians Tory Davis and Kevin Tangee at the Moab […]