Staff at Grand County High School have named Isis Tatera and Adine Knight as the school’s students of the month

MLHMS staff say that seventh-grader Isis Tatera is diligent about making up work when she is absent from school, volunteers to read in class, and contributes to class discussions. Isis is kind, helpful, and dedicated to learning. She brings a positive attitude to whatever she does. Isis’s favorite color is yellow and her favorite hobby is mountain biking. She was born in Alaska, and she loves the country Mexico! Isis has one cat and one dog at home, and one of her special talents is she can ride a unicycle. Her advice to others is: “Always care about school and school work. Pay attention, it will take you places!”

Eighth-grader Adine Knight is a very engaged student. She is always happy to volunteer in class with readings or insightful comments. She has a great work ethic and is very conscientious about the work she does. Adine is attentive and is always willing to help others. She moved here in 2nd grade, and she has 4 other siblings. Adine likes to style fun clothes and loves to dance! She likes surfing and hanging out near the ocean, and one of her goals is to be kind to everyone. Adine’s advice to her fellow classmates is “Treat people the way you want to be treated!”

Congratulations, Adine and Isis!