[Courtesy photo]

Hello and a friendly meow to you all. It’s Cosmo, art connoisseur and library cat. You may think I’m urbane and sophisticated, possibly even tame. However, I assure you that just under the surface I still have a lot in common with my wild relatives. 

Perhaps that is why I find the annual Hogle Zoo art exhibit, “World of the Wild,” so darn fascinating. This art show, which is currently visiting Grand County Public Library, features wild animals from around the world depicted in a variety of mediums. Living at the library as I do, I have plenty of time to admire the artwork on display and I can’t decide which is my favorite. Is it the adorable sloth? The winsome fox? Or perhaps the fierce cheetah kitten? Meow! 

As I gaze at this artwork, I’m also enjoying the fun facts about each animal that are posted next to the pictures. Did you know that the Giant Anteater’s tongue is about two feet long?  Did you know that alligators can climb trees?  Yikes!  Alligators don’t live in Utah, do they?  You can decide for yourself when you come to the library which work of animal art you like best. If you decide in the end that nothing can top a good portrait of yours truly, such as the one featured here, well, what can I say, we cats are just super photogenic. Ciao for now, friends!