To better serve our civically-minded readers, we’re including the timestamps for different votes below. You can see documentation and the full agenda here.

Councilmember Rani Derasary abstained from voting this meeting; she was supposed to be on vacation, she said, and attended the meeting only to chime in on the water workshop held in the beginning of the meeting. 

“I don’t believe in attending meetings if you’ve been out of town and don’t have time to prepare,” she said. “So this was going to be a vacation meeting for me, but since I got pulled into the workshop … I’ll just be abstaining throughout the meeting.”

Consent Agenda 

Approval of minutes, Approval of bills against the City of Moab in the amount of $164,800.31 

Passed 4-0 (2:21:00) 

General Business

RAP TAC (Recreation, Arts, & Parks Tax Advisory Committee) project recommendations 

Discussion began at 2:21:08; passed 4-0. Voters approved the RAP tax in 2020 as a 0.1% addition to sales tax; at this meeting, the council approved $93,000 in tax grants to go toward community organizations including the Friends of the Moab Folk Festival, Moab ArTTrails, and the Moab Valley Multicultural Center.

Consideration of adoption of an ordinance establishing new stormwater impact fees in the Moab municipal code 

Discussion began at 2:26:15; passed 4-0. Stormwater impact fees are now $5,511.73 per acre, and will increase every year up to $8,404.94 in 2024. 

Consideration of adoption of an ordinance updating the master fee schedule, and modifying certain fees and rates charged by the city 

Discussion began at 2:27:36; passed 4-0. Notable fee increases included changes to business license fees, culinary water rates, sanitary sewer rates, storm water rates, and trash and recycling rates; you can see a full list of the new fees included in the council’s agenda. A public hearing was also held for this item and was unattended. 

Consideration of an ordinance adopting the City of Moab pay plan schedule, and adopting the exempt and elected officials salaries for fiscal year 2023-2024 

Discussion began at (2:38:52); passed 4-0. A public hearing was also held for this item and was unattended.

Consideration of a resolution to adopt the tentative budget for fiscal year 2023-2024 

Discussion began at (2:41:25); passed 4-0. Before the budget is fully adopted, there will be a public hearing during the city council meeting on May 9.