Comso photoshopped to look like he's holding a saxophone.

Meow and hello everyone. It’s Cosmo the library cat, with a special invitation to a fresh, new Musical Story Hour on April 22nd at 10:30 a.m. Four times each year, the Grand County Public Library teams up with the Moab Music Festival to offer a special Musical Story Hour featuring different musicians. This time, our musical guests will be local artists Jon Kovash on saxophone and Jimmy Ferro on clarinet. Our featured picture book will be “Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band,” written by Kwame Alexander and illustrated by Tim Bowers.

Saxophones and clarinets sound a bit different, but they are both woodwind instruments. Woodwind instruments have cylinders with holes and an opening at the bottom and a mouthpiece at the top that the musician blows air into to produce music. I’m always amazed at human innovation. Imagine, just taking regular air and turning it into music with your breath! I never learned to play an instrument—I’m more of a vocalist myself. (If Boots and Patches are reading, call me. I have some good ideas for a trio act. I’m thinking “The Midnight Yowlers” or “Cosmo and the Wild Cats.” Catchy, right?) 

If the weather cooperates, we’ll be able to enjoy the music and storytime outside in the library‘s courtyard, in the sunshine and fresh air. I’m really looking forward to sitting back and basking in the lovely sounds of these talented, local musicians, and listening to a good story. Afterwards, there will be a craft that children can take with them to put together inside the library or at home. Hope to see you at the library on April 22nd!