Staff at Margaret L. Hopkin Middle School have named Alyson Barragan Valencia and Everett Hill the March students of the month. 

Staff says that seventh-grader Alyson Barragan Valencia is a responsible student and always participates in class. She follows directions and she never disrupts other students. Alyson is always the first to complete her assignments by staying on task. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite subject is history. Alyson likes to play both volleyball and softball, and she loves to draw. She has three sisters and one little brother, and she likes to hang out with her friends in her free time. Alyson’s advice to her fellow classmates: “Even if things get hard, keep trying!”

Eighth-grader Everett Hill is known at MLHMS as a hardworking, critical-thinking student. He participates in class discussions and brings up questions that many would not think to ask. He shows kindness and leadership by always being willing to help his peers. Everett puts 110% into all his work and he is a good listener. He likes golf and football and has been wrestling for two years. Everett considers himself to be a gamer and likes coding his own games. Everett’s advice to others: “Never give up even when something is hard!” 

Congratulations, Alyson and Everett!