I am a resident of Fruita and, of course, appreciate the beauty of eastern Utah as a frequent visitor. I assure you that no matter the sales pitch, you do not want a Love’s Travel Stop anywhere near Moab. Love’s Travel Stops are quantifiably the most littered commercial properties in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. The litter is extreme and always goes far beyond their actual property lines.

I’ve engaged with this company’s executives at the highest level for eight years regarding this issue. The response from senior executives in Oklahoma City is always the same. The litter is “my” problem. I should clean it up. If I make too much noise about them inundating communities in mass litter I receive threatening letters from their senior legal counsel. They will never take responsibility for it. You do not want this anywhere in San Juan or Grand counties.  

Moab, all you really have to do is drive to Green River to see thousands of yards of garbage in every direction from the Love’s. That only took less than two years to accumulate. Say ‘no’ to Love’s, it’s never worth what they will do to your town.

Jeremy Wheatley 

Fruita, CO