[Jason Strother, jtsmedia.io / Moab Sun News]

Like a lot of people, Ryan Moran first got into kayaking through a friend. The two headed out to Ken’s Lake to practice rolling, an essential technique to be able to safely kayak. 

“We couldn’t really get the hang of it,” Moran said. “Drank tons of water attempting and freaked ourselves out in the process.”

The experience unnerved the two so much that they abandoned the sport, but a few years later Moran enjoyed paddling around at a 4th of July party so much that he found a used boat for sale and started to study technique videos. Now, he offers general learning-to-roll classes to the Moab community to build skills and safety.

One more group class will be held at the Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center this spring on Wednesday, March 22 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. for a $15 cost. Participants should have their own kayaks. Classes are likely to return in the fall, after the center’s pool undergoes maintenance.

Moran focuses on giving people 1-on-1 attention and adjusting to people’s varying needs. Both beginners and intermediates who want to practice are welcome. 

“I’m happy to help dial in their roll,” Moran said. “There are lots of beginners in the shallow end doing just that.”