Cosmo is holding a magnet; he looks intrigued,

Hello friends! Cosmo here. I’ve often been told that I have a magnetic personality. I did a little more research and learned that cats, like most animals, have a special attunement to the Earth’s magnetic fields. This sense can allow us to find our way home, even after wandering for miles in unfamiliar territory, and helps other critters migrate over thousands of miles each year. I believe that I must be especially magnetic. What else could explain the crowds of Grand County Library patrons who gather around to watch me nap, like iron filings to a lodestone? (I’m the lodestone in this metaphor.) 

So when the librarians in the children’s room told me they were planning another STEAM Storytime, I told them they should explore the science of magnets! Consider this your official invitation to our March STEAM Storytime on Friday, March 24 at 6:30 in the Grand County Public Library Large Meeting Room. 

We all have magnets on our refrigerators, but what else are they good for? Let’s find out! We’ll read a story, sing a song or two, and then dive into the science of magnets with fun hands-on activities and super cool experiments. We’ll do a little fishing, we’ll see if we can make magnets hover midair, and we’ll even tap into our creativity and use magnets to make art. This storytime is geared towards kids ages 3 -10, along with their caregivers, but all ages are welcome.  

As always, this event is free. I hope this information will be enough to attract you (just a little magnet joke)! See you on March 24! Meow for now!