Cosmo is nestled into a basket with the book, "That's Betty!"

Hello everyone! It’s Cosmo the library cat. I’ve always liked March because it feels like the start of spring (for real this time) and because March begins with the letter M, just like “meow” and “Moab.” But did you know that March is also Women’s History Month? Being a cat, I don’t know a lot about human history, let alone women’s history, but I know where to go to find out! Luckily the librarians in the Grand County Library Children’s Room have put together a great display featuring books about some fierce and fearless ladies. 

I loved “Shark Lady,” a book about Eugenie Clark, a brave, trailblazing scientist who studied sharks up close and disproved a lot of old beliefs about them. Then I read about a literal trailblazer, Sacagawea, a Native American woman in the Lewis and Clark expedition. From what I’ve read, those guys probably wouldn’t have survived without her. What an adventure! “Betty White” by Gregory Bonsignore is another great one. Did you know she was the first woman to produce a TV sitcom? Plus, she’s hilarious. Finally, I recommend “Nina” by Traci Todd, about the career and life of genre-bending songwriter, pianist, and civil rights activist Nina Simone. These books are all kid- and cat-friendly and have lots of pictures!

If you are interested in finding out more about women’s history, you can browse our online catalog or come by our library, where the librarians will be happy to assist you. As a result of my research, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the women who have achieved so much despite obstacles placed in their way, often without receiving the recognition they deserve. I hope these great role models inspire you to follow your dreams, even when it’s very difficult. It’s made me want to recognize a particular female cat who has taught me so much. Meow-meow, thank you, Mom! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!