[Wikimedia Commons]

Iconic climber Ammon McNeely died at the age of 52 on February 18 in an accidental fall near Hurrah Pass, outside of Moab. Details of the accident have not been officially confirmed, but it is reported to not be climbing or base jump-related.

McNeely became an iconic figure in the Yosemite climbing world, climbing over 60 routes on El Capitan and becoming known for his speed ascents. Later, McNeely became a beloved figure in the Moab BASE jumping scene. He survived two serious accidents in the Moab area, in 2013 and 2017. McNeely’s calm footage of the aftermath of the 2017 BASE jumping accident that ultimately led to losing his leg below the knee went viral. Both local and national climbers and outdoor enthusiasts posted tributes to McNeely, celebrating his levity and his commitment to outdoor sports. 

“I would rather live 40 years of excitement and fun and exhilaration than 80 years of la-de-da-de-da boring,” McNeely said, quoted by Kris Annapurna on ExplorersWeb.