Carol Ann Ertel.

Our Ann was born in Akron, Ohio, to a pharmacist and a homemaker who raised her lovingly, carefully and properly. She conformed to her family’s aspirations and made them her own.

Always an artist, she pursued her talent at Bowling Green State University, graduating with a BS in Education in 1959. She married the high school football hero and settled down to teach art in nearby Norton Schools. They had two beautiful daughters and made a family. Ozzie and Harriet would have approved. But where was the adventure? So they went to find out.

Travels over the subsequent years took Ann to most states in America, with extended stays in California, Nevada, Florida and Utah. Her occupations ranged from graphic artist to advertising, to serial entrepreneur to sales, first mating on a charter boat, and even living in the Bahamas on a houseboat!  

Ann loved the beauty of the wild and unexplored. Her adventures occurred on land, water and air. She loved hiking, mountain climbing, biking, swimming, snorkeling, skiing on both water and snow, and even co-piloting with Lin Ottinger in his paraplane.

When an older bird finds her feathers ruffled and flying becomes more a burden than a triumph; When the nest becomes too familiar, and its comforts become constraints; That distant, mysterious sky becomes bright with promise and hope for the sweet days yet to come.

“Sing like no one is listening

Love like you’ve never been hurt

Dance like nobody’s watching

And live, like it’s Heaven on Earth”

At Ann’s request, cremation has taken place and no services are planned at this time. 

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