Cosmo sitting above a bowl of candy hearts: the hearts are photoshopped to say the phrases "furever" and "purrfect." It's extremely cute!

Hello and meow from your trusty library cat, Cosmo. Ever since I was a kitten, I have been fascinated by your human festivals and traditions. Take Valentine’s Day for instance, coming up this month. Valentine’s Day is the time of year when you bring poems, notes, and other small tokens to your beloved. Some prefer flowers, some like chocolates, and some humans even like to share and eat “Conversation Hearts,” which are heart-shaped pieces of colored chalk with cute sayings on them. Why you’d want to restrict all this sharing and love to a single day is beyond me. My admirers are free to leave me small gifts and tokens any time! 

As I told the Grand County Library staff, I feel that nothing says “I love you” like a new laser pointer. It’s the perfect way to let your beloved know how much you admire their sharp reflexes. But the librarians had other ideas. They said that since they bring me fresh toys and treats all the time, for Valentines Day this year, they set up an aesthetically pleasing book display featuring red- and pink-covered volumes.

The librarians also just started a new youth reading challenge going until February 28, called “For the Love of Reading.” If you need inspiration for this challenge, the librarians made lists of books for kids of all ages. Just go to our online catalog and type “love” in the search bar, and then choose “in lists” in the second dropdown menu. There are also Take-and-Make keychain kits available at the Teen Librarian’s desk, which can be decorated to be as Valentine-y or anti-Valentine-y as you like! 

Come by the library any time this month and see what’s happening! Meow and ciao my beloveds!