Cosmo laying ontop of the contents of the new children's activity backpacks.

Hello and meow everyone. It’s Cosmo the library cat here to tell you about our brand-new Children’s Activity Backpacks, now available for checkout in the children’s room at Grand County Public Library. 

I’m a curious fellow so I had to investigate them as soon as I saw them. At first, I thought they would make a great place to crawl in and have a nice, cozy nap, but I soon discovered they’re actually too full of fun stuff for me to fit inside! These backpacks are packed with neat books and activity materials, along with easy-to-follow instructions. Each backpack has a different theme and helps kids have fun and practice new skills in math, science, and problem-solving.  

One of my favorites so far is “Words, Musical Words,” which has six different musical instruments you can play, plus a sound puzzle! Another one I recommend is “Backyard Discovery,” especially if you’re like me and are fascinated by bugs. This one teaches you all about bugs that can be found right in your own backyard or in the library courtyard. There are plastic bug models you can sort and classify, and a magnetic game that helps you identify different bugs. There is even a magnifying glass so you can examine bugs or other things in detail. My whiskers look amazing through the magnifying glass!  

While I’m enjoying exploring the contents of these new Activity Backpacks, the best part is watching the tiny humans’ excitement as they discover them hanging in a new cabinet in the back of the library’s Children’s Room. Next time you visit the library, check one out to take home with you!

Meow for now, friends!