2022 Moab Fire Officer of the Year Carter Lloyd. [Courtesy photo]

The volunteer firefighters of the Moab Valley Fire Department presented their 2022 honors to Officer of the Year Carter Lloyd and Firefighter of the Year Diego Olmedo. 

Moab Valley Fire Department 2022 Officer of the Year

In a press release, the group said that Lloyd was recognized for his exceptional leadership and service to the department. Lloyd commented that his services at Moab Valley Fire Department has fulfilled a lifelong dream, as well as given him the opportunity to serve the community and make a difference in people’s lives—in addition to being pretty fun. 

“Carter Lloyd is a man of great integrity,” said Chief TJ Brewer. “He is becoming a true leader for the Department and is a support to his company in training, testing, and as a mentor. He gives it his all.”

Lloyd is originally from Logan and has lived in Moab for 3 years with his wife Katherine and their 3 children. He works as the river operations manager for Moab Adventure Center and enjoys spending time mountain biking and exploring the area trail systems with family and friends.

2022 Moab Fire Firefighter of the Year Diego Olmedo. [Courtesy photo]

Moab Valley Fire Department 2022 Firefighter of the Year

Diego Olmedo is being recognized as Firefighter of the Year “for outstanding service to the people of Moab Valley,” according to a press release. Olmedo, originally from Juchitlan, Jalisco, Mexico, has lived in Moab for 10 years and has been a member of the Moab Fire Department for 4 years. 

Olmedo said that the Cinema Court fire, which destroyed 8 homes in 2018, motivated him to join the department and help the Moab Valley community.

“The Firefighter of the Year needs drive, talent, desire to serve, and love of what they do,” said Chief Brewer. “They stand out above the rest. They show up early and leave late. They go the extra mile and commit to honing the craft of being a firefighter. They are well rounded and excel in all areas of life. Diego Olmedo had done just that this year.”

Olmedo lives in Moab with his wife, Aja Lyman, and their 2-year-old daughter. He works for Intrepid Potash and enjoys spending time with family and friends fishing and hiking.

Thank you to Carter Lloyd, Diego Olmedo, and all who work to protect and serve our community!