Heed our call!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land

Moabites slept sweetly, ‘cause they’d lent a hand. 

Feeling lucky to live in a town so aware

That solves problems together with people who care 

But our teachers weren’t so settled at home in their beds

Because a too common worry ran ‘round in their heads 

The Superintendent in her Chacos and I in my boots, 

Didn’t know what to do without enough substitutes

With so much to do, our focus was scattered

But we’d seen all year long, the weight of this matter

When our teachers were sick or even had a rash

They’d rise out of bed and get up and alas

With some gloom in their chest and their energy low

Right back to their classrooms our teachers would go

For if they were gone, if they must disappear 

That meant their coworkers soon would appear 

They’d fill in the hours and their skin would grow thick

Missing vacations, preps, and breaks is not a choice they would pick

With this problem grown large, it’s my cause to proclaim 

And in wishful abandon I’ll call you by name:

Now grandpas and grandmas, concerned citizens, now retirees, 

And pastors, ladies and gentlemen! 

To the front of the class! Please, please, heed our call! 

And Substitute! Substitute! Help us out y’all!

Right now our Grand County School District only has 3 substitutes for over 100 teachers! Give the gift of your time and make a huge difference for our school district! You can choose your preference of schools and set your own schedule. Even an afternoon, five or ten hours over a month would make an incredible impact.  

Contact Krista Wilson at Wilsonk@grandschools.org, or call 435-259-5317. 

Jeremy Spaulding 

Grand County School District Community Coordinator