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If building a roundabout on the northeast corner of Swanny Park & surrounding private property isn’t the most stupid idea, it ranks a close second to spending tens of millions of dollars to expand the Moab Regional Hospital without putting in a dialysis center.

Patients from our local area must travel to either Grand Junction or Blanding to receive dialysis treatment. That translates to many trips a week to Grand Junction or Blanding plus the torture of traveling home after dialysis, often a terrible ordeal.

Perhaps a younger, able-bodied person or persons could pick up the cause to get a dialysis treatment center built. Historically, Moab citizens have worked together to accomplish great deeds, including:

  • The protection of our unique natural resource.
  • The establishment & maintenance of several schools.
  • The development of abundant, safe water supplies for an ever-increasing population.
  • The expansion of recreation facilities & opportunities.
  • The construction of hospitals with state-of-the-art medical facilities.

Together, there is little we, as citizens of Moab, cannot achieve. Let’s work toward attaining Grand County’s very own dialysis treatment center.

Ray Klepzig


The Moab Sun News contact Moab Regional Hospital administrators for comment. MRH CEO Jennifer Sadoff had this to say: “We have been exploring how to offer dialysis, and we would definitely love feedback if people are interested in dialysis services. Email me directly at”