Congrats to the Grand County High School Students of the Month, Rhys Johnson and Tallulah Maher-Young!

GCHS junior Llewellyn “Rhys” Johnson (parents: Stanley and Lucia Johnson) loves his AP English and chemistry classes. “I like going to chemistry class even though it’s challenging because I not only get to have fun, but I get to ask Ms. Reed so many questions,” Rhys said.

Weightlifting is another favorite. “You can always do it, even if what you can do is very small, because you can always do more the next week, and the next, and so forth,” said Rhys. “It’s plain and simple work, and you become as good as the effort you put into it. It also helps to keep me healthy, so that’s nice.”

Rhys is extremely active at GCHS, participating in ballet, cross country, the Dungeons and Dragons club, all levels of the drama program, the marching band, Quiz Bowl, soccer and track and field. Outside of school, he job-shadowed with Science Moab and volunteers on clean-up efforts through his church. 

“I’ve learned how to work with others and how to love and care for others, while not necessarily agreeing with them,” says Rhys. “I’ve learned how to get along with just about anybody, and to work with and make something wonderful together, even though none of us are the same.”

After graduation, Rhys is going on a two-year mission for his church. “When I get home, I’ll pack up and march on off to college to get an education and a family, and to make something of myself,” he says.

Senior GCHS student Tallulah Maher-Young (parents: Eve Maher and Steve Young) loves a challenge, which is just what she gets in AP Calculus. 

“AP Calculus is most definitely my most challenging class, which is one of the reasons it can be so much more fun,” she says. “What we learn is entirely new, but builds on the skills we have acquired over the last 12 years.”

Tallulah participates in drama, Quiz Bowl, tennis, the National Honor Society, Art Club, and volleyball at school while also spending time going on hikes, reading, baking, and “crocheting while watching shows.”

“One of the most rewarding community service activities in my opinion is to pick up trash along Mill Creek Parkway and in Arches,” said Tallulah. “It shows such an immediate reward and allows me to spend time outdoors while working. I also enjoy helping Moab Solutions ring the Holiday bell in front of City Market to raise money for people who need it.”

Tallulah plans to attend college after graduation and is figuring out which school would suit her best. Her advice to other students is to be involved. 

“School is a lot more interesting when you get involved instead of just suffering through,” she said. “Help other classmates get through their day. It can get you out of your own mind and problems for a minute.”

Congratulations, Rhys and Tallulah!