Official election results for Grand County confirm the election of Mary McGann, Bill Winfield and Mike McCurdy to the Grand County Commission and Stephen Stocks in the race for county attorney. Results show that 4,740 ballots were cast, a slightly lower turnout of 78% of registered voters. 

Results in state elections showed Grand County again dancing to a different beat than most of the state, with local voters supporting Democratic state candidates Evan McMullin and Davina Smith by wide margins. Both candidates were defeated in the election by incumbent candidates Mike Lee and Phil Lyman, respectively. Grand County voters favored Smith for State House District 69 with 58% of the vote against Lyman, while Lyman took 58% of the vote in the full count. 

Grand County voters supported Congressional Rep. John Curtis by a margin of only nine votes over Democrat Glenn Wright, though Curtis won with over 64% of the vote in his full district. 

The final canvassed election results are available at